Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I think it goes without saying that keeping a blog going is like dieting for me.  Catch as catch can OR real committed one day and totally out of it the next!

My weight has stayed the same over the past few months.  Don't ask me how or why as I totally porked out over the holidays.  Spent Christmas with Loren, Jen and Laine.  Lots and Lots of Goodies!!!

Just a quick catch up on my health.  I forget who I have told what to and at this stage of the game I feel it best if my family knew what was going on with me!  (If it's not your thing...quit reading!)  

I had my semi-annual appointment with my Pulmonologist and everything is A OK!!  Still on the same med's and everything is doing good!

Haven't gotten into my regular Doctor yet for my annual physical.  So, will have to report on that next time.

Was having trouble with the middle toe on my right foot.  Finally went to a Podiatrist and learned that I have the starting of "Hammer Toe".    My mind says it's like arthritis of the toes but the good doctor says that toes don't get arthritis!  Hmmm!  So the doctor has me wearing this little pad under my toes.....wonder of more pain!!!  Only problem is I can no longer go without shoes and socks!!!  Darn!  My shoes will wear out twice as fast!

Terry has given us a scare with potential heart problems.  I understand that he has been referred to a pulmonologist.  Sounds like he may be plagued with the family curse!  Send out a prayer or two!  

Hope this finds all of you happy, healthy and wise!

Mom aka Grandma Gail

monthly letter

Well, I have been back in Oregon since December!  Am currently in Junction City with Lenny and Vickie!  I am working on family Genealogy and found this poem, which I am going to send as it is totally describing me these days.  Will fill in more on the "Diet" page for those who really want to know!  L&H's

I Can’t Remember
Though I’m getting more forgetful
And mixed up in the head.

I got used to my arthritis,
To my dentures I’m resigned.

I can manage my bifocals,
But God I miss my mind.

For sometimes I can’t remember
when I stand at the foot of the stairs

If I must go up for something
or have I just come down from there.

And before the fridge I so often,
my poor mind is filled with doubt,

Have I just put food away, or
have I come to take some out.

And there’s time when it is dark
with my nightcap on my head,

I don’t know if I’m retiring, or
just getting out of bed.

So, if it’s my turn to write you,
there’s no need for getting sore,

I may think that I have written 
and don’t want to be a bore.

So, remember that I love you,
and wish that you were near.

But now it’s nearly mail time
so must say goodbye dear.

There I stand beside the mail box,
with a face so very red.

Instead of mailing you my letter,
I had opened it instead!
Beautiful Sunday morning, October 15th, 2017

Today I have the pleasure of attending Church with Luke and family.  It is the Primary program and Ruby and Annie are both participating!  If it is Primary program day wherever you are this Sunday, I will be thinking of you and wishing all my little ones a spectacular experience!

I have been here in Heber City, Utah since the 29th of August.  It is great to spend time with Lonnie and Lori.  Lori is teaching in Cedar City this year so is only home on week-ends.  That means I get to  watch the Game Show channel and play lazy all week.

Cole, Luke and Missy's oldest is a freshman at Wasatch High School (where Lonnie teaches) this year and is on the freshman football team.  It has been fun to go to his games and remember all those good ol' days of watching my boys play.  Cole is a very good athlete!  I love watching him!

Until next time!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

                                                    MY JOURNEYS

Well, my internet is not working and I wrote a spectacular blog on my drive from Aumsville to Junction City yesterday.  So, this afternoon after doing nothing but relaxing and reading all day I decided that I had best get those ideas down on paper before they were lost completely.

I have not driven over 15 miles in the last however many years.  I have been convinced that I didn’t see and rationalize well enough….in short, when I got tired I did some foolish driving mistakes that really scared me.  I didn’t want to endanger others by my aging infirmaries!  Henceforth, no driving when I was tired, no driving at night, no driving over 15 miles from home.

Yesterday, with a new pair of glasses and a firm resolve to put on my big girl shoes, I decided to drive by myself from Aumsville to Junction City.

It is a beautiful drive.  Lots of open country!  The weather was gorgeous!  The traffic was lousy…I don’t know where everybody was going on a Thursday afternoon.  The freeway was loaded going both North and South. 

Clutching the wheel with both hands I kept telling myself, like the little engine that could, “I think I can, I think I can!”   I changed from George Strait to Alan Jackson and just peddled on down the road with his ‘first love with an older woman’.

Drove at least half of the way in the fast lane, even passed trucks (my all lime anxiety) and really had to smile when I looked at the speedometer and realized I was going 75 miles per hour!  My boys would come unglued!  I quickly backed off!

So, while this engine is saying “I knew I could, I knew I could”, I am not ready to head to Utah alone…..not even close!   Not even Klamath Falls!   So sure hope there are family members getting geared up for some road trips! 

Until next time!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I started out researching this information for a newsletter to accompany my new Website, Decorate With Grandma.  As usual, time got away from me and I didn't get it fine tuned to what I wanted so thought perhaps some of my family might find this info fun and entertaining. 
Would love your feedback!
April showers are doing their best to bring us lots of May flowers!  Along with all of the loveliness of spring there are lots of special occasions for gift giving and sprucing up our homes and surroundings.  Take a look and see if you find anything of interest…..

May 1st   May Day  This is an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival that includes singing, dancing and cakes.  The earliest celebrations appeared in pre-Christian times.  It was originally a traditional summer holiday in many Christian European pagan cultures.  One of the traditions that we see today is that of school children dancing around the Maypole.  I remember that tradition!  Do you? 

May 5th  Cinco De Mayo.  How about having some guests over for your favorite Mexican cuisine.   Did you know the significance of the celebration is the Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.  It is often mistaken to be Mexico’s Independence Day but that is not celebrated until September.  So, we can keep that in mind and celebrate again in September!   

May 6th  Kentucky Derby.  Get together with friends and have a “Hat”  party.  For the ladies, the bigger and brighter the better and for the gents, a very stylish “Derby” would be smashing!  I took a stroll through Wikipedia and found lots of interesting facts about the Kentucky Derby.  It is known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports”, along with being the fastest! 

May 14th   MOTHERS DAY!  Mothers Day turns 100 this year!  It is known mostly as a time for honoring and showing love and appreciation to our mothers.  It basically all started in the 1850s when a West Virginia women’s organizer held Mother’s Day work clubs to improve sanitary conditions in an effort to lower infant mortality and fight disease contamination.  You can let your fingers do the walking thru Wikipedia or Google and be mesmerized  at how Hallmark and the local flower shop has taken over this celebration and of why Dad gets fewer gifts!

May 20th  Armed Forces Day   I’ll save the info on this for next week.   Be sure to keep it in your mind and heart to remember our military!

May 24th  National Brother Day  Another information save.  If you have a brother, by blood or by love or both, be thinking of a fun way to connect and make it a special day!

May 29th  Memorial Day   This is a big celebration day with lots of interesting back ground.  Stay tuned for information and plan to make it a memorable week end!
Oh Yes!  On May 28th there is a national Burger Day.  Anyone care to join me for a double decker, with bacon and cheese?     L&H's

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

This and That!

I spent much too much time yesterday composing a political rant.  Ran out of time so I thought I saved it in the draft file.  Today when I go to finish it I can't find it.  I guess that means that it was just a full blown rant and not something that I needed to put out there for all to see!  Suppose?

New day.  So, I will try and write something more upbeat and positive.

I am feeling so very blessed.  I have been blessed with a new great grandson!  Kingston Matthew makes my 18th great grandchild.  Can you believe that?  That makes 10 boys and 8 girls.  Don't worry girls.  There are 2 more babies due within the next few months and rumor has it that they are both girls so that will even things up.  Just wish they were close so I could cuddle and rock.

Hope this finds everyone well and happy.  Leslie was the only one who responded to my Christmas blog so I didn't finish the Christmas story.  Does that mean that nobody wants a copy of the Magnusson Christmas Story Book?  Please let me know!  I am way past having my feeling hurt, I may pout for awhile but I will continue to love everybody are stuck with me, so, just speak up!

Have ranted too much today with Lance on FaceBook so my mind is not functioning in full gear!
A little political trivia......In 1965 the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18, This was the 26th Amendment to the Constitution.  This was for federal election only.  It wasn't amended to include both federal and state until 1971.   There was even a time when you were required to pay a poling tax to be able to vote.

I am not going to start on my rant again.....just think about it!

Until another day,  the Gospel is still true. 

L & H's
Grandma Gail